Tim Chebunin, designer

I put UX before UI and believe that designers should talk to users, write content, and implement their designs, not only draw pretty buttons.

Working in teams with blurred areas of responsibility on projects where nothing is clear is right in my wheelhouse. In such cases, my background in marketing, content strategy, design, software development, and product management helps launch startups and grow products most effectively.

I took some courses on product management and analytics, occasionally do some light front-end development for home projects, during DesignSpot School 2019 mentored young designers who now work with EPAM. Live in Minsk, Belarus (GMT+3).

Selected projects @EPAM

As a UX-designer I deliver to customers around the globe everything that is needed to meet both business and users' needs: from product ideas and research to prototypes, final designs, and even sketches of technical implementation if needed. As part of a team, I'm currently working on EPAM products.

Selected projects @Itransition

I've worked on websites, case studies, presentations, brochures, etc. I've also helped to improve inner business processes and guidelines, built products for marketing and sales departments, performed design training and supervision for copywriters, sales, and marketing managers.

My products, concepts and side projects